Decoding the Mobile App Development Lifecycle: From Ideation to Launch and Beyond

The entire mobile app development lifecycle is crucial when developing an app for your company. The market is flooded with mobile apps, and there are almost 2.87 million apps registered on Google Play store and 1.96 million on the apple store. Hire dedicated mobile app developers to develop a mobile app in such a way that it fits your marketing niche and satisfies your marketing goal perfectly well. That said, the hybrid app development cycle includes steps that a company undertakes to get a mobile app built.Initially, you need to have an app development idea in place to get started. After comprehending the key processes of the life cycle of hybrid mobile app development, you can develop an app with the required features and functions. It will help you gauge the budget and timeline well in advance.

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Mobile App Development Timeline: A Realistic Perspective

The longer it takes for a mobile app development company to build an app, the more it will cost. Although the process is not cheap, and there is no one-size-fits-all. Hence, the timeline of getting a mobile app developed depends on several factors. Its type, platform, features, and which hybrid app development agency you’re hiring.

For most of the part, on average, it takes about 4-6 months to develop a mobile app. Though there are apps that took twelve-eighteen months, as well. It all depends on what you want to achieve. As stated earlier, building an app fast will keep its cost down. However, ensure to not rush through the entire process since you may end up paying more in the long run. Don’t cut corners, and don’t be a perfectionist either. Finding a middle ground will help you achieve your goals and will not cost much.

Quality and size are the two significant elements that impact time greatly. Also, your app making company plays a significant role in deciding the launch time. Knowing a few things such as your goals, what you are getting into, and your plans to achieve it will speed up the process.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile App?

When a business wants to get a mobile app developed, they often wonder about the cost they will have to bear. Everyone is looking for high quality and relatively lower costs. While hiring a hybrid mobile app development company, you always think of picking a reasonable choice. However, you know that the cost of developing a mobile app greatly varies. It hinges not only on the hybrid mobile app development company’s hourly rates and development time but also on the app’s complexity; difficulty finding required talent, expenses incurred on post-release support, etc. There is no definite cost to build a mobile app. It considers several things to give an estimate. The hybrid mobile app development agency you pick will only outline the cost of developing an app according to your preferences.

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We Offer Top Mobile App Development Services Like

Suppose you are planning to get a mobile app developed for your business. In that case, you will inevitably have to answer this question: What type of app do you want? We offer top-notch mobile app development services that help you take your business to a new tangent. Having said that, below are different types of app development services that companies usually look for.

iOS App Development

iOS is an Apple operating system that runs on iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc. We are an iOS app development company that builds robust apps for iOS devices. And We program apps in native languages like Objective-C or Swift. We also build native applications for cross platforms that use Xamarin(C# & F#) or React Native (Javascript).

Android App Development

Android App development is the process of developing apps for Android operating systems. Apps built by Android App Development Company run on android devices. Our developers are skilled in programming languages to build native apps like Kotlin and Java. They are also well-versed in hybrid programming languages like Ionic, Flutter, and ReactJS. We are a custom app builder that transforms your dream app into reality.

Progressive Web App Development

Such web apps use emerging web browser APIs and features. They also use traditionally progressive enhancement strategies. This is done to provide a user with a native app-like user experience to web applications that are cross platforms. Progressive web app development company builds robust progressive web apps using pervasive web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Such web apps work on any platform, using a standard-compliant browser.

React Native App Development

React Native is a Javascript framework used to write codes for real, natively rendering mobile apps for both iOS and Android. With the help of this open-source framework, the development of mobile apps is possible using Javascript only. Being a React Native App Development Company, we create truly native mobile apps without compromising the user experience. It enables us to create different platform-specific versions of components.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are a blend that allows the development of apps for both native and web solutions. Our Hybrid App development company develops web applications that can run on the native browser. Such apps are developed using common languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. They are then wrapped in a native application using platforms such as Cordova. The best part about Hybrid App Development is that you can change platforms at any point in time.

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Wearables are much in demand nowadays. A wearable app development company will develop an app to run on wearable devices such as a watch, etc. You get access to GPU and sensors with such devices. These are like other Android SDK apps; however, they are different in functionality and design. Apps on the wearable device can work independently of the phone app. It provides users with great flexibility. Our team of developers can build robust wearable apps.

Flutter App Development

Flutter is an open-source and free mobile UI framework released in 2017 by Google. We are one of the best Flutter App Development Company creating native mobile applications using a single codebase. One programming language can be used to develop apps for different platforms, such as Android and iOS.

Ionic App Development

Ionic app development is an open-source SDK for hybrid mobile applications. It is well-known for furnishing UI elements that are platform-specific through the library that comprise native components. It is more of an npm module that requires Node.js installed to function as a part of a large JavaScript ecosystem. With the help of front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Angular, our developers can develop powerful apps.

Kotlin App Development

It is a programming language that runs on the JVM. It is entirely interoperable with Java Programming Language. Developers can develop better-performing Android apps with Kotlin. Our developers use this language to build apps that are safely coded and provide developer satisfaction to a great extent. Kotlin also helps to enhance the productivity of mobile apps.

PhoneGap App Development

Phonegap is an open-source framework that enables mobile apps’ development using web technologies. With PhoneGap, the development of apps is possible with technologies that our developers usually love. These include HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We can develop mobile apps for all popular platforms that include Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows.

Xamarin App Development

Xamarin Is another open-source platform for building performant and modern Android, iOS, and Windows applications. The pattern of Xamarin app development enables developers to write all their business logic using a single language. Developers can also reuse the codes of an existing application. Our developers are experienced in building Xamarin apps to achieve native performance, feel, and look on each platform.

IoT App Development

We also develop mobile apps for the Internet of Things. We provide robust IoT mobile app development services to develop robust and hyper-performing apps.

Augmented Reality

With the help of augmented reality, developers can overlay digital data on the real world’s top of objects. Users can also interact with real-world objects using the digital medium. Our team builds apps that can extend to many platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android. Our apps can merge content into a smartphone or HMD camera feed.

Cloud-Driven Backend

Cloud-based solutions can dominate the digital world. By developing cloud-driven backends in applications, developers can achieve enhanced productivity and scalability at low equipment costs.

eCommerce Mobile App Development

Our developers are experts in building eCommerce mobile apps. We create high-quality mobile apps with a beautiful look and feel. Our eCommerce app development services are highly reliable and of superior quality. eCommerce apps help businesses reach and connect consumers worldwide. We craft the best mobile apps to support online businesses that are growing significantly.

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Creative, Reliable, and Secure Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are helping businesses expand their outreach to prospects and stay connected with the brand. To get a mobile app developed, you need to hire dedicated mobile app developers with expertise in mobile app technologies.

For instance, the custom mobile app development company is reliable and aware of the latest technologies, can develop a mobile app of your choice, is always available to provide assistance, etc. To get reliable, creative, and secure mobile app development services, you can use this checklist to hire dedicated mobile app developers.

Patience and Perseverance

The process of developing a mobile app is not easy. It can become extremely complicated at times. Hence, you should hire dedicated mobile app developers that can keep patience and maintain calm to achieve desired goals. Hire dedicated mobile app developers who have a great passion for what they do can do a specific iteration until it gets perfected. They should have that zeal to develop a mobile app despite the difficulties faced while achieving success.

Creative Without Being Invasive

No matter how knowledgeable the development team you have hired is, if they cannot think out of the box, their knowledge alone cannot achieve the desired results. We understand your requirements very-well and develop apps that are both logical and creative.

Provide Post-Launch Support

Look for developers who provide support for your application after its launch. There are several instances where a mobile app can get rejected by the App Store or Play Store since it doesn’t fulfill its criteria. After launch, it may face many problems, hence, hire app developers who provide support until the success of your app.

On the forefront of technology

The world of technology keeps evolving. That said, new technologies keep coming up. Hence, the development team should have great expertise in developing mobile apps using trending technologies. Hire dedicated mobile app developers that are highly adaptable to the changes. They should have developed a diverse range of apps using different technologies.

A Remote Team at your Assistance

The team should always be available to assist you with your needs, even if located remotely. For instance, after deployment, what if you find out that the app experience is not appealing to your users. Hire dedicated mobile app developers who are readily available to assist you at any point in time to improve your app’s overall user experience.

Security, Safety, and Confidentiality

The app development team you choose to hire should be reliable enough to not leak confidential information related to your brand. They should also not circulate the code of your app or create a similar one for some other brand. The success of a mobile app depends on its security. Hence, app developers for hire should deliver digital solutions with security and safety in mind.

Now that you have found just the right app development team for your business, you should know the benefits of mobile apps.

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Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

Mobile Apps are considered one of the most significant tools for a business to connect with their target audience. People are increasingly using mobile devices, and the market will continue to grow. The argument of why to build a mobile app is quite weighty. But suppose you are still in a dilemma, whether or not you need a mobile app. In that case, we are listing a few benefits that mobile apps provide to businesses.

Cultivating Customer Loyalty

With mobile apps, businesses get a powerful tool to enhance consumer loyalty towards their business. It enables them to order food, book a table, pay anyone at any place using their smartphone. One of the significant reasons a business should get a mobile app built is customer loyalty. The mobile app enables direct communication with consumers. This way, you can have a significant impact on your customers and prospects, which eventually leads to better interaction and brand loyalty.

Reinforce Brand Value

You want your brand to stay in your customer’s mind always. You want consumers to think of your brand at first when they think about the products and services that your business is offering. A mobile app helps your business extensively to create brand value. It provides your customers will all the useful features they need. Also, you can keep your consumers engaged with the help of promotions and in-app offers. The more involved your consumers are with your brand, the more likely they will purchase from you.

Increasing Brand Visibility

On average, a person spends 162 minutes of their entire day on smartphones. Although they only use a handful of apps during this time, they have to unlock their phones and scroll through the menu to find those apps. When they see your app in the way of scrolling, it only enhances your brand visibility, but at the same time helps your business to flourish.

Provide Value to your Customers

With mobile apps, you can provide more value to your consumers. You can include a dedicated channel for consumer service. This helps to increase connection with your consumers, and your brand appears more real to them. Through your mobile app, you can make your consumers aware of the discounts, resolve their queries, and provide users with a platform through which they can interact with your brand directly.

Extended Customer Base

With a mobile app, you can reach many users who are preferably your target audience. Whenever there is a download of your app, you can gather information about that user. You can then use this information to target your prospects through ads and make recommendations based on their purchase history. This helps your business to build a database of prospects or clients.

Connect With your Consumers on the Go

No matter where your prospects are, they have their smartphone with them always. You can conveniently connect with them at any point in time. Since mobile apps are easily accessible, they can connect with your business and ask for the products and services they need. You can engage with your consumers in several other ways. It guarantees to provide the best results when you hire an excellent web app development company.

Better Workflows

Your business can invest in mobile apps to boost employee engagement. It helps them boost productivity and keeps them up to date with several other tasks. Mobile apps are also beneficial in increasing efficiency in business processes and provide a competitive edge.

Increase Sales

Mobile apps enable businesses to send push notifications to their users. Notifications are great for driving sales. You can make users aware of a special deal, offer, or discount, and effectively promote your products and services. With mobile apps, a new promotional channel is added to the marketing efforts of a business.

Boost Profits

With the launch of a mobile app, you will see an exceptional rise in sales and profits as well. Implementing customer loyalty programs will make your consumers keep coming to you. This lets them spend more money. It, in turn, increases profits for your business.

Increase Revenue

According to research, companies that own mobile apps experience increase in their business both online and in-store. They experience an increase in customer conversions. That said, sales boost, and with an increase in sales, your revenue increases automatically.

Act as Social Platform

Your mobile app acts as a social platform in the sense that your users can interact with each other and with your brand as well. You should treat your app as an extension of the social media platform.

Improved Engagement

Mobile apps increase customer engagement in several ways. It increases the time a consumer spends with your brand. As a result of which, the odds of sales increases. A mobile app will prevent your consumers from buying a product from your competitors.

Unique Services and Payment

Mobile apps allow your business to generate sales. You can also enable multiple payment options on your app to let consumers make safe and easy payments for their purchases. This helps to lay the foundation of your future business growth.

Build Brand Awareness and Recognition

A well-executed app helps build relationships with your consumers on an exceptional level. Mobile apps enable businesses to build brand awareness and help brands stand out from the competition. Brand-building is served in multiple ways with the help of mobile apps. Mobile apps build additional marketing channels and provide better customer support.

That said, mobile apps are required for almost every industry. Hence, we have vast experience in building mobile apps for several niches.

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We Build Mobile Application Solutions for All the Niches like


When it comes to the healthcare industry, there are over 1,00,000 formats of mobile apps available. A systematic and productive healthcare system has several layers. We develop mobile apps for businesses in healthcare so that they get access to healthcare insurance, doctors on demand, weight cost, female hygiene, and so on.


The paramount of a logistics business’s success is to get the correct products to the right place at the right time in a very cost-effective manner. We develop mobile apps that help businesses achieve operational excellence. We take care of every business process right from tracking their inventory, shipments, book meetings with clients, etc.


The ease of mobile apps has enabled to make the learning process very convenient and affordable these days. It successfully reduces the limitations of distance education and brings education right to the comfort zone of students. We build educational apps to customise and personalize students’ interests and reduce differences caused by geographical boundaries.


Operations and Customer Industry are given primary importance in the retail industry. We build mobile apps that play a customer-centric approach and present a good range of choices in the retail section to make choices according to their preferences.

Banking and Finance

There has been a massive development in mobile technology. Because of this, the finance industry can access a tremendous amount of sensitive and crucial data quickly. Our apps are beneficial in managing finances. An individual can also check their account status, transfer money, get insurance quotes, pay bills, etc.

Wellness and Fitness

The market is flooded with options of wellness and fitness apps. Our fitness industry apps are the easiest ways to stay healthy since it has everything that a fitness enthusiast will need to keep themselves in proper shape. You can schedule your workouts, select a diet plan, get a trainer from fitness apps, etc.

Oil and Gas

Our mobile apps keep oil and gas companies on the go, which is one of the most difficult industries to thrive in. It needs a steady flow of information and remains up to date with constant fluctuations in the market. It helps oil and business thrive wherever it is.


Mobile apps have taken a stronghold over the industry of transportation. You can easily book your flight or train tickets sitting in any part of the world. Mobile apps allow ride-sharing and ride-sourcing convenience to people. It helps to change how travelers interact with the transport system.

Travel and Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality industries are transforming very vastly in the world. Being a service industry, we build mobile apps to help this industry prioritize customer experience and satisfy their needs. Mobile apps modify ways in which hotels and restaurants engage with their consumers.

Social Network

Social Network apps help people build social networks or relationships with people who share similar careers and personal interests. They also provide the best business reach and improve the credibility and trust of an organization. People use social apps more than any other app to interact with others.


The entertainment industry gets several kinds of mobile apps created like gaming apps, entertainment apps, etc. Such apps attract the audience more, and based on the geolocation the content for each user gets tailored.

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Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers to Build Your Successful Mobile Apps

Let’s face it. You cannot escape from the web and mobile apps. When you own a proprietorship business or a large firm, you need to understand the importance of going mobile. We offer a team of dedicated developers who will build the right mobile app for your business. Searching for app developers near me? You can contact us today to book a free consultation call.

The process of developing an app is long and tedious. You will also have to spend a considerable amount of money to get a mobile app developed as per preferences. We have a dedicated team of mobile app developers for hire. Our apps will take your business to new heights in the most cost-effective ways. Our team works like architects to get the structure and foundation of your mobile app built.

We have expertise in all the latest technologies that include Angular, Android, iOS, React Native, etc. Besides, we have developed scalable and smart solutions for several clients from a host of industries. Our team of experts provides custom mobile app development services.

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We Follow App Development Process For You

Be it any project, diving the work into manageable steps makes the entire process easy to execute. We also plan each step in specific time frames to avoid unnecessary delays in completing the project. The key phases of developing a mobile app are below.

Mobile App Strategy

After the idea of an app is generated, it is crucial to develop a strategy post intense market research. The research stage helps discover new ideas and helps developers develop all requirements for fixing a particular project.

User Experience Design

User Interface and Design are the most important factors that discern a mobile app’s success. UI design is the visual appeal of the app, how it is manifested to the user. UX design is about the different aspects of how a human interacts with an app. We strive to create engaging and interactive designs for all mobile apps. The design stage has multiple facets, including workflows and information architecture, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, etc.

Mobile App Development

This is the primary stage covering the actual realization process and coding of a mobile app. The development stage consists of numerous activities that include ascertaining the development environment, developing different parts of the code, testing preliminary phases, and creating an app that can be established and tested. Our mobile app development services include developing codes and configuring the development environment. Three parts are configured, including the APIs, back-end server technology, and front-end.

Mobile App Testing

Testing is another important phase in the hybrid mobile app development cycle. Testing gives our team an idea about how good an app is and also about the quality of an app. Our team of testers tests a mobile app thoroughly after its development to resolve possible defects. If issues stay unresolved, the app may malfunction and can also have other technical issues. The testing phase gets completed when bugs and problems are fixed, and a mobile app gets approved for launch.

Mobile App Launching

With the launch phase, the market phase of the app begins. The process may sometimes require the deployment of a back-end before publishing the app. When we create an app for your business, we do a soft-launch of the app with a selected group of people or publish the app in its beta version to collect early user feedback. When listing an app in the app store, we make sure that it meets all the specific store guidelines.

24*7 Support

After an app gets live, issues can pop up at any point in time. It may be related to an app’s functionality or security. It can also be about the users who want more from the app. Hence, always keep adding new features to your app and maintain it. We provide maintenance services to keep your app updated with everything you need.


The entire app development lifecycle is quite tedious and an overwhelming process. However, the process is extremely rewarding if android app development services or iOS app development services are right. After comprehending the key processes and steps involved in the lifecycle of mobile app development, the team can stay well prepared. An app’s lifecycle helps manage functionality, features, timeline, and budget to develop a mobile app.

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